Top Reasons Why You Need a Large Beach Bag for This Summer Vacation

When it’s time for summer vacation, you’ll want nothing but be fully prepared. And that’s when a large beach bag comes into handy. Flip flops, sunscreen, towel, goggles, phone, and so on, they will all fit in just one bag. You’ll also have pockets for keys and phone and small ornaments that you should keep away from the salty water. But while you’re wondering if you really need ones, let us show you why.

 large beach bag

From the Caribbean to coastal Asia, a beach bag is an essential item for every trip. Large beach bag, of course, comes with more space, but how big do you need, and will it be too heavy to carry? All of these fascinating concerns will be solved in this article. Let’s get right in!

Reasons To Have A Large Beach Bag

Massive Storage

Nothing worse than not having enough space for all your beach essentials, and we know, that’s really frustrating. Why make the hard decision to leave anything home when you’ve already had such a huge organized space with a large beach bag. Not only help you double the storage size, but a large beach bag will also minimize the mess of items with pockets and zippers. You usually will struggle to reach the keys that got stuck in the bottom of the bag, but not with a big bag like this.

If you’re heading out for some roomy tote, 16 x 15 x 8 inches is just the perfect size. With such a spacious area, all the family towels, kids’ toys, and other items can fit entirely into it yet never looking too bulky. How cool is that?


Most large beach bags available on the market are waterproof, and that’s the right thing to go for. Water-resistant is an important feature in this family-size beach bag since you’re going to store quite a lot of stuff here. No one wants to see a huge mess right in their bags, and neither do we. That’s why we also go right for waterproof products.

Most of the waterproof material such as PVC, polyester, treated canvas, and so on are lightweight and easy to clean. So you can simply run them through water, and they’ll come out clean and clear (do not use hot water).

One more small feature that you can find in some popular large beach bags in the market is the sand-proof ability. They will not only keep all the sand out but also not let any in. So with them, you might never have to end up with sandy sandals and beach hats anymore.

Smart Design

When speaking of large beach bags, some might connect them with being ugly and almost having that IKEA-look grocery bag. And if you’re a big fan of fashion, that’s just a huge no. Most recent beach bag products are very well-designed. And while you love being spacious yet still need some flex, many high-end fashion brands are making their version of a massive beach bag as well.

Typically, these huge bags always come with multiple pockets. Some are for small jewelry, some are for holding your sunglasses or even to keep your towel in one place. The convenience that it brings to your family vacation is just endless. What’s better than having a well-crafted beach bag that will last for quite a while?

This also leads us to the question of how well the handles can be constructed to carry everything? However, things are not as complicated. You can try to look for a beach bag with good quality sewing handles while still soft and comfortable enough for you to hold on.


Trillions of plastic are used each year, and saving the environment is a considerable concern globally at the moment. How about travel plastic-free, environmental-friendly with a large beach bag? Now with such a roomy bag, you can put most of the things that you buy on the go into the bag, for example, water bottles, chips, some wine maybe, and so much more.

Not only available with space for chips and snacks, but you can also put any fashion items that you buy while heading out for shopping as well. In fact, the fashion industry is continuously creating much threat to nature. So it’s better to cut down a bit of these plastic bags by bringing your own.

Large Beach Bag Buying Guide 2020

We’ve already gone through most benefits of a large beach bag, now it’s time for a handy buying guide. It’s crystal clear that you might bump into a massive amount of products online and in-store. Sometimes it’s such a hard task to figure out the most worthy beach bag for your upcoming trip this summer. Here are a few instructions for you:

Check the material: To go for the most convenient, easy to clean, take a look at the straw, polyester, or canvas treated with waterproof solution beach bags. They are pretty durable as well. So first, make sure that the material is up to your preference.

Pockets: The more the merits, as they always said. When it comes to a large beach bag, some decent amount of pockets will help you keep everything in place and nicely organized. Additionally, outer pockets also give you more space to store your essentials.

Zippers: Nothing worse than having an unfunctional zipper. High-quality zippers will give you a better experience and also better protection for your stuff.

Straps and handles: These are the two things that you will hold on for quite a while. So it’s vital to make sure that they are comfortable on your shoulders. You should go for wider straps since they won’t hurt your skin while wearing for a long time.

With all of the above, there you have the best instruction to find the best large beach bag for this summer. If you’re wondering which beach bag to try out, The Waterproof Lab has some decent reviews so you can use it as a reference. Which beach bag will you rock this summer?

Walking shoes with dresses-how to choose the best?

Walking shoes are the most type of shoes which people use on a daily basis. They may use the walking use for going on a daily walk for keeping them fit, or they may need a pair of walking shoes to help them walk comfort9ably to their workplace. No matter which of the purposes you need to fulfill, you must know that wearing your walking shoes could be the best thing to promote feet health.

But this only possible when you have a set of shoes or a pair of shoes which offer enough support for your feet and keep you active and going all the way to your destination. In addition to that, the shoes you wear must be according to the occasion and your needs so that they may not seem like an awkward accessory for you to wear on.

Walking shoes come in various styles including loafer like shapes, joggers, slip-on shoes and lace-up walking shoes. You may try out any whichever suits your style and outfit as well.

Walking shoes with dresses..

In addition to these styles and shapes, you may also find various stuff and materials with which these are made. Depending on the stuff the shoe may also offer a certain type of special features including waterproofing and other added features like good tracking sole and comfortable padding inside the shoe.

Waterproof walking shoes are also called water shoe, are made up of waterproof materials which are easy to dry out and help in keeping the shoe clean and tidy from the inside as well as outside because dirt and water may not stay on that stuff and can be removed and dried out quick and easy.

Waterproof walking shoes can help in walking on the ground where there is a water, puddles or small pools where you need to stay stable and active during the walk.

Other kinds of shoes like slip-on walking shoes are easy to wear on and may come up made with different materials and designs including formal designs as well as casual designs.

To choose the best shoes you must know the following things before you pick one:

Your true size

Make sure you are able to buy a good shoe by knowing your true shoe size. Most of the shoe come in true size but you may also find some which may need to be in a slightly larger size so make sure you know which size is approximately the best for you to wear on. Look if you get a true size or ask for help from the seller.

Available shoes styles and options

Look for the available shoe styles from which you can choose your best walking shoe. You may consider looking for the stuff, the design and the overall style whether you need a sleek shoe or a bulky shoe or whichever style is preferable for you.

Purpose of use

Look for the shoe which fulfill your purpose. Like, if you need it for walking on the ground or on a track you must know how you frequent you will be using it. You may also understand the walking shoes are different from that of running shoe so make sure you choose the type of shoe according to the purpose of the shoe.

Your foot requirements if any

If you have over-pronation or under pronation issue and need to insert orthotics due to some reasons, you may look if your walking shoe allows doing so or not.

Possible features

Look if your shoe is soft, stylish, easy to wear, comes with padding on the collar and tongue, cradle your foot by providing memory foam padding and is breathable and easy to walk with.

Easy cleaning, maintenance, and durability

Look for the shoes which are easy to clean and can be used effortlessly without any mess on them and may not show wear and tear issues sooner or later.

By following all these things you can surely help yourself get a walking shoe to help you walk better and stay comfortable and in style when you wear them on with your regular outfit. Though there are many things to consider for doing so with some helpful information, you can surely get the best for you.

Dresses for women- Different Types of dresses and how to choose the best

Talking about the different dresses for women, there is no limit for sure. There are as many different styles and types of dresses as there are thoughts and preferences among women. The overall range is limitless and you can find all colors, fabrics, designs, and cuts that you might be interested in trying them on special occasions and as casual wear as well.

dresses for women

As far as the basic and some of the major categories of dresses are concerned, we can arrange the dresses as follows:

  •         Casual dresses to wear at home
  •         Sleepwear
  •         Casual dresses for everyday outdoor chores
  •         Formal dresses for offices
  •         Formal dresses for special occasions
  •         Party dresses
  •         Night party dresses and gowns
  •         Wedding dresses
  •         Professional dresses or dresses to identify one’s profession or workplace

We can say that we can have a range of dresses that may be designed or made in order to fulfill someone’s needs depending on the purpose of their use. Like if a woman has to stay at home and look after their household things, they may need to wear relaxed yet active clothes made of knitwear and accessorize with an upper or anything suitable according to the climatic and environmental conditions.

Sleepwear may also be of different types some women like to wear PJs to keep them easy and relaxed while some prefer using shorts and vest while sleeping.

Then comes the casual dresses for everyday outdoor chores. These are the dresses including trousers and casual shirts that make sure they feel sophisticated but not like if they are going to an office.

For offices and workplace outfit, it is better to look for the formal dress pants, shirts and coats and sometimes women prefer fitted skirts to keep them active and feel active during their work. In some cases, workplaces may have their dress code to follow so it is better to follow what they prefer in combination to your own preferences.

In such dresses, comfort, relaxation, and fabric or stuff may also be considered important factors so that you may get a quality dress for your daily office use.

On special occasions like going to a party, dinner, lunch or gathering with friends, women may prefer wearing a maxi dress, long dresses, frocks and skirts with embellishments. These may also be accessorized with blouses and net fabric to assure they will appeal the wearer and the onlookers.

Fancy dresses can be customized according to the occasion like for Christmas parties, Halloween parties and birthday parties the customized theme based dresses are also popular among ladies who want to enjoy the occasion at their best.

Wedding dresses are also available in a wide range of colors and styles. Long, net gowns, silk gowns, and skirts are favorite most among ladies who need elegant yet classy looks on such a special day.

Then comes the professional dresses or dresses that are customized to give people the professional look according to their profession.

As for example nurses may wear nurse dresses and coats according to the kind of duties they have in a hospital or there could be a nurse uniform for every health department so that the nurses are recognized without any problem. Doctors and medical specialists may also wear coats and overall suits for special purposes like surgeries and medical treatment procedures for safety purposes as well.

Factors affecting the Choice of the best dress for women

Many factors may affect the overall preference for a certain type of dress, some of the important factors and things are:

  •         Fabric color and type
  •         Fabric quality
  •         The cutting style
  •         Fitting and size in length
  •         Embellishments

With the help of all these specs, people can surely decide on how well the dress suits the needs and whether or not the dress will serve its purpose. In many cases, people may get a dress that is customized and especially made for them but in case if they need in a hurry, they can get a perfectly fitted suit from the market as well. No matter if a woman needs a professional suit or a casual wear, every kind of dress is possibly available on the market. You just need to check out for the above-mentioned specs to make sure you will get what you expect.

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